Custom Tailored Driving Aprons

The most popular is the DRIVING APRON, which is custom tailored for any shape. The DRIVING APRON is tailored with the provided measurements in order to fit all shapes. The apron is made to rest on top of your footwear; changes may be made if desired. Double top stitching enhances the 5/8” binding and stiff RIBBAND. Wide Velcro and a concealed elastic extender with three buttons secure the RIBBAND.

The DRIVING APRON come in three different styles; single thickness, lined with a panel, and reversible. D. D. Rapps has a variety of fabrics to choose from including washable, 100% wool, and waterproof/breathable.

A single thickness DRIVING APRON is a single layer of fabric of your choice. A lined DRIVING APRON is fully lined in a polyester lining and has a weighty inside base panel to drape nicely. A reversible DRIVING APRON is a 2-in-1 apron usually made with similar lightweight fabrics for both sides. Our waterproof apron is made of a lightweight breathable material. It is lined in a coordinating polyester blend fabric of your choice, making it useful as a reversible waterproof apron.

All DRIVING APRONS include custom sizing, fabric, 5/8” binding, thread, Velcro, stiffening, buttons, elastic extender, and lining. Additional options may be added for an enhanced look or comfort.

DD Rapps Driving Apron Diagram

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Custom Tailored Lap Robe / Rug

The LAP ROBE/RUG is a boxy cut and is generally shorter than aprons and usually not fastened; we will customize, if requested, for an extra fee. A loop is sewn inside the center front to hang on the topper button of a jacket/blazer or to hang for storage.

The LAP ROBE/RUG comes in two styles and categories: single thickness or reversible and SINGLE ROBE or DOUBLE ROBE (for two people). Three standard sizes are available: SINGLE ROBE – Small/Medium 50”W x 38”L, Large/X-Large 58”W x 40”L; and DOUBLE ROBE – (for two people) 7’W x 40”L all in your choice of washable, 100% wool, or waterproof/breathable fabrics. Custom sizing is available for an extra fee. Additional options may be added for an enhanced look and or comfort.

A single thickness LAP ROBE/RUG is made of a substantial weight fabric. A reversible LAP ROBE/RUG is a 2-in-1 robe made of two similar weight fabrics. The DOUBLE LAP ROBE/RUG has a stainless steel metal ring and strap inside the top center to tie to the back of the seat for convenience.

DD Rapps Lap Robe Diagram

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Extra Options

  • Embroidered Monogram or Scroll
  • Embroidered Stripe
  • Loops & Buttons
  • Velcro (for LAP ROBE/RUG)
Block MonogramScript MonogramRound ScrollLong Scroll

Photos of Aprons and Lap Robes